Too soft and too healthy.

Yes, too soft and too healthy. I started my day with this healthy breakfast. One of my favorite poori. Now I would like to share why I have started this blog page.

Iam one of the food lover. Hope everyone loves food.Fast foods doesn’t have to be junk foods. One of my relative totally avoids fast foods. So, I went and asked to him why are you avoiding that spicy and tasty foods. The answer from him was just diet. I was really shocked and he would be very thin and good looking.I asked to him stop the diet and start to enjoy the tasty one. We are earning money to survive. That’s true and I also agree with that point. See everyone know we all have one lives. Following diet is not a wrong thing. But sometimes can take some fast foods.

So,start from now to love the taste of the fast foods. Twice in a month can make you feel comfortable to have those tasty one. Happy to share this with you all.

A simple snack can make you more healthy.

Yes, a simple snack make you more healthy. This is one of my favorite snack. Boiled ground nuts added some carrots and onions. Yesterday I felt more hungry so immediately it strikes me. So started to prepare this quick snack and I shared this with you all.

Some people didn’t even know about this, only few can know. Village people can be more aware of it. We people are showing more interest in only fast foods. During this quarentine stay safe at home at try some healthy snack from and enjoy the taste.

This needs to make us all chill..

Yes. This needs to make us all chill and happy during this hot summer seasons. It reminds my college days where we used to bund our class and run away to canteen and had this ice cream. Didn’t know when we will get those days. Really missing those naughty atrocities. So when I have this one it reminds me.

One of the happy moments. Start your day with this sweet and enjoy the whole day with the chilled one. And have a nice day.

Raise your hands if you are addicted to it?

Yes such tasty one. Here is for you a fresh cheese vegetable pizza’s. Only for you people those who are addicted to it. During this lock down we will all definitely miss this tasty one. Freshly added some vegetables and cheeses.

We can have this twice in a month. More and more hygienic and prepared in home. No need to find a restaurant to have this. So, start preparing from now and stay safe in home. Happy to have this is as my post.

This needs to fulfill our tummy…

Yes hear is some tasty chicken fried rice… Everyone’s favorite.we need not find any restaurants to have this.. Start from your home. And enjoy the lunch with this chicken fried rice.The best side dish for this meal is one and only sauce..

As i said already don’t count your calories, instead count your memories.start from now taste some north indian foods and fast foods.. So enjoy your day with favorite foods and lend a happy life.. With this chicken fried rice..

A cup of baked coffee..

Yeah,here is a cup of baked coffee…. No need a words to describe it…. Yes such a tasty one.No one can avoid it. Once visited the new cafe corner in trichy. The Heaven town.. Seekings not only a coffee there were different varieties of coffee..

We don’t need a break other than this baked coffee… Now as we all live in a technology improved society. We people didn’t have some time to spend in foods.We are not having just to fullfill our stomach.. Each and every second is important in one’s life… And that is also true. But should enjoy and eat what we have…

And sometimes spend time in different varieties of foods. So, then only we will not feel some difficulties when we go to some other states or may be some other countries. So enjoy the taste and fill your tummy.. Enjoy this baked coffee in the hot summer.. And iam happy share this post…

Who wants to refresh their moods……..

Yes… Who wants to refresh their moods can try this chilled badam lasy…. Which gives us a immediate freshness to do our works best… Seriously we can bear the winter seasons too but summer season is totally difficulty to handle…. So get ready to have some badam lasy.. And bear the summer seasons… Due to this lockdown we couldn’t find some restaurants to have some break…. Start from your home and have a chilled and crispy badam along with the curd…… Now raise your hands if you are addicted to badams……

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